How to get the best out of your design agency

It's important to remember that we are all working together and aiming for the same goals to create something (brand, campaign, digital communication, brochure) that means something, communicates an idea or promotes your business.
The best work actually helps a client, supports their brand, solves a problem and improves their business. Creative and client shouldn't be adversaries that battle each other like two knights in an arena primed for attack - they are on the same team aiming for the same goal and both have something to gain from the relationship.
The Client gets an inspiring piece of work that will help develop their business into a more successful proposition and The Agency gets an inspiring piece of work that will secure them a customer and in turn, hopefully generate more business.
Clients understand their businesses better than anybody (including the creative) and they also understand the problems facing it and the market they reside in. They are in this position because they have earned it. Creatives also understand business and markets but come at it from a different angle. They are often able to bring to the party experiences from other sectors that have all too often faced the very same problems their new client is experiencing.
For this great rapport to develop between creative and client, trust is needed, and that trust is earned through building a solid relationship, not fighting against it.
Our most rewarding work is produced with our longest client relationships... That's not to say we don't create great work at all times. It just seems that the work produced has a harmony and collaboration from two teams coming together and understanding each other's roles completely. It also has the added satisfaction of that "we smashed it again" feeling, that comes with working together for an extended period
Ultimately this is a team game...
Fancy giving it a go? You know where to find us.