Why there will always be a place for print

With digital content accounting for such a huge proportion of the information presented to us by eager brand marketing teams, it’s easy to think that print marketing must have had its day. But, amongst all those emails, alerts and apps there is a very real need and desire for print marketing as it offers some key advantages that digital will never be able to deliver.

Advantages of print marketing

 The physical value of print simply can’t be replicated online. Touch, feel and the sheer joy of flicking pages will never be replaced by an online experience. Particularly relevant for emotional purchase decisions… a brochure from the hotel where you celebrate your marriage, or a prospectus from the school that you’ve chosen for your child. There’s something reassuringly satisfying about being able to lovingly turn the pages and savour each moment.


 Modern production techniques mean you can make targeted pieces in small runs to suit your audience's needs. Variable data and on demand printing allows you to vary copy or images to suit a particular demographic without the wasted expense of a large print run meaning you can create cost effective campaigns that are extremely personalised.


 Print marketing affords you enormous versatility of format enabling you to enhance brand awareness in numerous ways. Envelopes and business cards can be physically presented; banners and posters can be situated in key locations, and brochures or flyers are ideal as takeaway pieces allowing a customer to browse further at their leisure.


 Whilst we might assume that everyone prefers to consume content online given the number of hours we all spend staring at devices, research shows that people find it easier to process and retain information in a printed format. It gives people the chance to read at their own pace and become more engaged by something they are able to physically hold.


 As we are all encouraged to ‘think before we print’, it is now more environmentally friendly than ever before. Gone are the days of rough recycled paper stock - it’s now possible to achieve high quality print from sustainably-sourced materials. Even ink can now be environmentally friendly.


 It’s fair to say that there’s definitely room for the two mediums to coexist to help maximize your marketing strategies. Using a combination of print and digital marketing will help generate greater exposure and reach for your brand and enhance your overall marketing activity.


 For more information on the benefits of print marketing or to discuss your forthcoming projects, get in touch.